I'm settling well into my new job at powershifter. I'm also closing up shop at the makerlabs building, which is set to be demolished next month. The involves moving equipment back home, and part setting up internet for my apartment.

Friends seem surprised when I tell them I don't have internet, especially as someone who works on the internet full-time. But the last 6 months without internet in my home has been enlightening. I have access to internet all day at the office, then go home and relax. I can check messages and do quick research on my phone, if need be, but otherwise I'm offline.

My house is cleaner, I go to bed earlier, and I've rediscovered a love for reading. My cat gets more attention, too!

But it's come to an end, and I need internet in my apartment to be able to work on side projects in the evenings and weekends, upload to soundcloud, and watch great shows like high maintenance.

I signed up for DSL with teksavvy because I wanted a consistent speed. It can be quite irritating to have to battle slow speeds every sunday night when the whole apartment complex is downloading their game of thrones. But the whole process has so far been a massive headache. Master Engineer Dave will be coming by again tomorrow night to retrace the wires. Hopefully it all resolves soon.