Started a new leadership role in the no-code/low-code industry.

I'm happy to announce that I'm starting a new position as the Platform Software Engineering Manager at Crowdbotics, where I'll work with a fantastic team to accelerate software development using AI and low-code/no-code approaches.  

Crowdbotics was founded in 2017 by Y-combinator alum and Forbes Magazine "30 under 30" Anand Kulkarni. Since then, Crowdbotics has paved the way for low-code software development, enabling anyone to generate production-grade applications in minutes using AI-assisted product requirement analysis, visual building tools and code generation.

Over 20,000 apps have been launched through Crowdbotics, including mission-critical healthcare applications, venture-backed software products earning millions in revenue, learning management platforms, and government tools.

I'll be working closely with Product Management to develop and scale the architecture and engineering teams necessary to enable a growth vector in an exciting new domain.

Although Crowdbotics has a small headquarters in Berkeley, CA, it's a globally distributed remote-first company with members across all time zones. My team is mostly situated in PDT, although there are a few in EST, as well as members in Nairobi, Dubai and Nepal!