Missing from my bookshelf: the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership

This book was recently recommended to me from Bryan Dunn, the VP of Product at Crowdbotics. It arrived at my door on Saturday, and I started reading it immediately. My general approach to a new book is to first read the intro and conclusion – this generally gives me a good idea of how well the book reads, and how much of an investment I want to make. I was immediately hooked. The tone and language is friendly and interesting; a little hippy-dippy but not unfocused.

At this point, I'm convinced this is a book that I've been missing. Of course every leader likes to think that they're "conscious" and with a high degree of self-awareness, but this is one of those things that can be perfectly described as a blind-spot. Emotions are tricky to navigate, and I'm eager for more management tricks and tools. I'm excited to dedicate my morning time over the next couple of weeks in the hopes of learning new such tricks and tools from this book. I'll come back to this post with updates as I go.