Invisible Hands has been a major focus of mine for the last six months, if not the last six years. But for the first time since 2010, Stephen and I are living in the same city, giving us the very welcome opportunity to work together in the same physical space.

When I arrived in Vancouver mid-October, the first order of business was to find us an office. We lucked out with a very nice spot in the Vancouver MakerLabs building.

Since then we've doubled-down on internal process, refining our workflows, language, and codebase. We've run through three client projects and started development on two internal projects.

But all's not well. Stephen has long suffered some kind of auto-immune issue, but it's recently and increasingly become a blocker. Health is paramount -- for productivity, for happiness. Stephen has decided has to shift his primary focus to managing his health.

This means Invisible Hands is scaling back on client work for the foreseeable future. We're still working with existing clients and honouring service agreements.

For myself, I'll be available for employment or contract work in Vancouver, starting February 15th.