Still waiting to go live on two projects I wrapped earlier this month; this week was dedicated to setting up a new production server and upgrading and migrating old projects.

I have all my projects running on a DigitalOcean droplet with 2 gigs of ram, for only $20 a month. Seems reasonable! I'm running a very sensible droplet, with nginx serving a few static sites and reverse-proxying to uwsgi for a few django sites. And then there's this blog, which is a NodeJS implementation.

I'm hosting most client code at Bitbucket, since they offer free private repositories. Invisible Hands also has a paid account at Github that we use for our internal projects as well as open-source projects.

Backups are currently through DigitalOcean and rsync to external drive, currently, while I vet Bup and Attic. Server and application monitoring is gratiously provided by New Relic, a service that everyone should be using.

Earlier this week I thought that perhaps allergies or asthma was making an appearance. We've had such wonderful weather in Vancouver that the cherry blossoms are already in bloom.

A few days later and I'm feeling a bit under the weather; a chest cold, I think.