My cousin has been making clothes since 2008, when she started hand-painting and dying t-shirts under the name "Rad Attack". She's since expanded her line to include a variety of clothing and accessories, going deeper into colours, fabrics, and fashion. Limited edition and one-of-a-kind stuff, all designed and produced in Vancouver, Canada.

Etsy and Instagram are used for online sales and a product portfolio, but she wanted her own domain and a simple webpage that could direct people to those pages. Her friend designed a logo, and I created some animated gifs of it with Photoshop CS6. You can see them here.

I despise the Photoshop, and can't wait until Sketch can provide for all my needs. That said, I was able to eventually get around the bugs and annoyances present in the "Timeline" window, and managed to muck about for a few hours until I arrived at a few animated gifs that I quite liked, to be displayed at random on the webpage.