Running in 2023

Yep, a little late for this considering it's already March. What can I say, things have been moving a little slower with the baby.

I'm going to run a half marathon this year. I've never run any sort of marathon. I was running quite regularly for a while, and was in the habit of running 10km around town. I'm not sure the furthest I've ever ran in one session, but I suspect it's probably only around 13km or so.

I haven't run at all over the past two years. Until today, that is. Joni is now large enough to fit in the fancy baby stroller, and my new Hoka running shoes arrived in the mail. Yesterday we got a dump of snow, but today it's largely gone, so I bundled us up and went for it.

It worked out pretty good. I didn't go too far, and stopped to walk a few times. Google maps tells me it was about 6 km, which I'd say was a good first start. The neighborhood has plenty of nice little trails, which I'm still discovering.

Other than running my first marathon I'm not expecting too much out out of myself this year. New baby, new house, new city... Just getting through the year will be good enough for me. But I definitely don't want to see any more of a decline in my physical fitness, so the running will help with that. Plus, if I make it a daily thing, it will give Audrey an extra hour a day without the baby, which she appreciates.