I've added a few items to my daily checklist: 20 push-ups (3 times), 20 squats (3 times), 1 minute plank (3 times) and drink water (3 times). Previously my checklist only included items I'm working on, so this is a little departure. I hoped I'd just see my fitness improve over the holidays (it's tough to get to the gym this time of year.) What I didn't expect was a boost to my productivity.

Falling out of flow typically results in me eying a book, noodling my synth, lunch, maybe a sneak at facebook or reddit. Now, my first impulse is to cross these easy items off my checklist! As soon as I slam them out, I have a burst of energy and I'm really to tackle my next big thing!

I'll keep it going for a while and see how it develops. I'm considering adding 20 minutes of meditation, as well!