Consistent with streamlining other aspects of my life, in 2020 I'm challenging myself to more consistent, productive play. After hearing my chiptune friend @bryface sing the praises of for a few years, I'm taking the plunge. One beat a week for the whole year.

A "beat" is a silly way to talk about music. It seems to imply something insignificant, a canvas for something greater. I've spents weeks on composing and producing tracks, yet some of my favourite jams took mere minutes. What WeeklyBeats is actually asking for is a "song", or "complete music idea", which resonates with me much more.

My work already eats up as much time as I can give it, so I'm often hesistant to take on anything more. But balance has become very imporant to me, as it keeps me grounded, which my team appreciates. Managing oneself is paramount, and that includes managing recreation. I'd be lying if I said making music isn't one of the more rejuvinating activities that I know of. It's something that's been part of my whole life.

By adding a new contraint to my music practice of producing an arbitrarily short piece of music once a week, I'll be putting myself in an uncomfortable position. I hope that this is only temporary, as I grow in new ways as a result.