A quick reply to "post-truth society" question

Could be true? That everything is subjective, and that nothing can be trusted? That the media is all lies, and news is all fake?

It's not true. Certain people benefit from muddying the waters, and that's what has happened. Of course there is still fact, and science, and objective reasoning and critical thinking. But it's largely outside of what most people are able to identify when their primary window to the world is a social media platform.

People are demonstrably bad at identifying bias and fallacy. The reality is that very few even attempt to work at it. Because it's actual work, that requires time and effort. Most folks are already exhausted. It's much easier to lazily complain about how it's impossible to figure out whether an expert is actually an expert, when there is a whole history and community and culture around defining what an expert is. It's lazy, and it's exactly the desired behaviour that certain people want to see in the world.