new gig

Three weeks ago I started at a new company: I've taken on the role of lead software engineer at a Vancouver startup focused on bringing to market virtual reality business solutions. Our first product bets target the AEC industry (architecture, engineering and construction), specifically architecture firms engaged in early-phase architecturural work.

A few months back the team started a transition from prototyping to product, with the goal of bringing their first product to market by the end of the year. I've been brought on to help with that effort.

The team is very bright and capable, but new to concepts like maintainability, continous delivery, lean development, story mapping, and agile iterations.

The tech stack currently is spread between heroku client/server web applications, unity and firebase. I've spent the first few weeks assessing the existing codebases and introducing minimum viable style guides and linters, and containerization for some of the more complex applications.