Some of the "manager readme" posts I've seen seem a little too hokey or self-serving for my tastes, but I'll give it a shot. Might be interesting for me to come back to this in another year or so and see if I still feel the same way.

  • Our 1:1 is primarily for you to get the most out of your employment, so that comes first. But it's also for me to get the best information about what's actually happening across the team. I appreciate your unique insight.
  • Share your problems with me, but attempt to bring a few solutions, too. I'm stoked to help refine an idea into something actionable that you can bring back to the team.
  • Over-communicating means including the context, and it's especially helpful during these work-from-home periods where we're working more asynchronously than usual. Be descriptive!
  • "Managing expectations" is one of the most valuable patterns of behaviour to learn early on. Break down large tasks into manageable pieces, tackle one thing at a time, don't overcommit, and provide updates early and often to those who have a stake in your work.
  • Deeply understand a problem before you start working on it. Critical thinking is also required when evaluating solutions. Validating requirements and negotiating acceptance criteria takes practice, but is critical for high-functioning teams.
  • Meetings are for decisions, and agendas drive decision-making. A meeting can end as soon as a decision is made.
  • I haven't worked with you before. Please consider giving me tips on how I can best work with you. If you're uncomfortable, please consider giving anonymous feedback to my manager or our human resources team.
  • When I ask "you good?", I'm not asking for a status update. I'm asking if you have everything you need; if you feel confident and on-track, if there's something I can do help you out, or if you have some insight to share with me.
  • Chat with me about technology, programming, architecture, hacking, leadership, agile, books, kettlebells, and arts and culture in general. I'm genuinely interested in things!