A couple of weeks ago I decided I'd spend the next couple of months learning Rust. At the time I was intrigued by it's application for WebAssembly, and I still am. But I knew I wouldn't want to jump right in. As many have mentioned to me, Rust can take a little time. I want to make sure I'm understanding new concepts (such as ownership) as well getting a good overview of Rust standard library and the "prelude" automatically loaded into every project. Furthermore, I want to feel like I'm doing things in the idiomatic way of the language.

I've done my first pass through the Rust Book, and I'm currently working through the Exercism Rust track, which so far has been nothing short of amazing. What a great platform, and what a fun way to learn a new language. In case you're interested, I'm also tracking my solutions on my github.

At this point I don't have much to go on about, but I thought I'd start journaling some of my progress, and making notes of what is helping me along the way. One thing that has struck me pretty early on is how much fun I'm having. The language is very expressive, and quite familiar in terms of having a strong functional design. Although I've only just started, I'm finding that idiomatic Rust results in quite elegant code, with a pleasing aesthetic!

So I'll start here, listing the blog posts that I've read that have helped me to understand different aspects of the Rust language. This will be a growing list, that I'll continue to add to over the next couple of weeks, or until I refactor this into something else :)