The abrupt end of Scenarion has challenged me to determine how I want to spend my time. The last five years has been constant work, with Powershifter, Telus, freelance programming, and Scenarion. During that time I was jumping from project to project, with rarely a break in between. I saw my prestige grow as I climbed internal ladders, but barely had any time off to learn new skills, reflect on experience, or to simply enjoy life.

Over the past decade I've been paying attention to developments in blockchain technologies, but felt that not having a solid background in cryptography (or even a computer science degree) was too much of a hindrance to enable me to find an opportunity.

Over the next few months I'm challening myself to write a couple blockchain applications and learn the fundamentals of cryptography. I hope that these new skills, combined with my experience in software architecture, web architecture, web development, and engineering leadership will open some very interesting doors for me in 2019.