The first thing you'd see when walking into the ATA office, (back when this was a thing) is "WE BUILD COMMUNITIES".

Our community managers and engineers work directly with our active player community. They have close relationships. When you spend years inhabiting a world you feel some responsibility for it. Our players are passionate about our games, and they're also very often the experts on them, too. We have to listen to them. To find out what works, what doesn't, what can be better, what can be exciting.

Emergent play is fascinating, and it's also the secret sauce. By presenting open worlds, balanced economies and social mechanics, we give our players the ability to create their own meta games. By paying attention, we can then pave the cowpaths, promoting emergent mechanics into the games clients to improve usability.

By improving on what our players come up with, we're able to provide unique shared experiences, a strong basis for community.