Yesterday I took part in the "First Rank" challenge at Revamped Fitness in Gastown. It happens every 4 months or so, but was not able to participate previously because of issues I had been having with my hip. I had developed such an inflammation that I had started walking with a limp, and had completely stopped lifting while I was waiting for it to heal.

I started seeing a new physiotherapist ( who came recommended from my gym. In our first session Matthew had been able to identify an inbalance in my hip that was the result of my glutes not firing fast enough or strong enough. As a result other muscles had been overcompensating, and it all came to a head when I would try to lift significant weight.

In a single session Matthew had been able to communicate to me what the issue was and how we were going to fix it. I came in twice over the next two weeks for electro-acupunture. The next time I went to the gym I was astounded. I was very easily able to lift weight that I had been struggling with only a month before.

Over the last two months I've been building on this, finally hitting new max lifts on my deadlift and front squat. With the challenge coming up, I felt ready.

It was a good day. I hit a new max on my front squat (175) and chest press, and blew through the kettlebell jerk-press challenge (60 12kg) and snatch challenge (58 12kg). The "lung-buster" was difficult (bike/crawler/row challenge) but I beat my previous time at 21:15.

I've also gained two pounds, which I'm celebrating as a significant accomplishment.