History is a fiction

Diving into event-driven architecture; and specifically, how they can be applied to an existing monolith or microservice system. The first three videos are especially good introductions.

The title comes from "Designing Events-First Microservices", in which Jonas advocates for a reimagining of what ought to be expected from software systems. Perhaps a bit lofty, but he's not wrong, and it's a powerful argument.

Andrew Schofield seems to be the most pragmatic out of the three. I appreciate the grounded approach, and I'll be checking to see what else he recommends for folks diving in for the first time.

Tim Bray's presentation does a great job simplifying the considerations for an event-driven architecture. It's very insightful to see the perspective from someone at AWS. It's also very entertaining.

Martin Fowler's introduction to event-driven architectures, from simple to complex. High-level interview of key concepts. 
Jonas Bonér gives a clear understanding of how DDD supports event-driven architectures
Andrew Schofield gives a top-notch talk on how leveraging Kafka can enable robust and scalable event-driven microservices. Very interesting insight into how to bridge with existing systems.
Tim Bray has since left AWS.
Allard takes a more humorous approach, describing common problematic scenarios and useful patterns.