Engineering lead ++

Over the last quarter I've read a few books on indistraction and focus. A point that has stuck with me is about how identity and ideology plays into indistractable focus and discipline. It's much easier to find discipline on things that you value deeply.

It's asking what kind of person you are, or you want to be, and then scheduling your calendar with blocks of time that correlate with those objectives. Ensuring you both have the way as well as the will.

At my job we use a system of objectives and key results. I've been enjoying the process, and I find it creeping into my personal life as well. I now have defined objectives and key results that help me to prioritize and measure progress on my goals.

Every quarter I learn more about how to better use this system. One Q3 personal objective is to become a more technical engineering lead, so I'll be focused on more landing commits and code reviews. The key results will be:

  • Read books on leadership, coaching, productivity (5)
  • Read books on technical engineering (5)
  • Watch presentations (20)
  • Land commits (20)
  • Do code revieww (30)
  • Facilitate team retrospectives (13)
  • Prepare unique 1:1 questions (5)
  • Prepare feedback (10)
  • Check in on my OKR's (13)