A Thinking Ape Engineering FAQ

What kind of problems do you solve at ATA?

Well, everyone knows we build mobile games. But sometimes folks are surprised to learn that our games are built against a shared backend composed of dozens of microservices. It's not just games that we build. We build platforms for games, too. And as our player communities grow, so do our platforms.

What do you appreciate about your team?

I'm proud to work with very bright, and very kind people. I think this can be attributed to our culture, which is derived from our values. Our people are committed to growth; both their own, and that of the team. Knowledge is shared, and folks are generous with their time.

What sets ATA apart?

One of the coolest parts of working as an engineer at ATA is the variety of work that's available. Collaborate with Art and Design on new features as a full-stack product engineer. Work closely with the player community and our own community managers on a live-ops team, focused on the game experience, product metrics, and service observability. Or go deep on distributed systems or perfect, polished user experiences. We're doing it all.

How are values applied in your team?

The core values relate to each other. Ownership tends to stand out, because it's often in stark contrast to what is experienced at other companies. To balance out the ownership, we index on communication with stakeholders and a healthy design and code review culture; that’s where the "Have Wonderful Arguments" and "Best Decisions Win" come in. And in the spirit of “Keep Growing”, Leads work with their direct reports to establish a trajectory for personal growth.