2015 Summary


Settled in. First full year back in Vancouver. New job, routines, interests. I started hiking and hiked to the top of mountains. I got back into a habit of reading. I became fascinated with astrology. I made strength and health a priority and learned a lot in the process. Close friends put up with me yammering on about kettlebells and powerlifting.

I got my first li'l tattoo, started waking up early, found grey hairs in my beard, felt some feelings, and had a few stumbles. Made bad choices, felt like a dummy, drank some water, practiced gratitude, and started writing more regularly. My plants are still growing. I'm still making weird synth noise. Captain is still the best most handsome prince of a cat you've ever seen.

Shoutouts to salt lamps, sour beers, sambazon acai sorbet and black licorice. Shoutouts to political speculative fiction and cyberpunk. Shoutouts to friends and family near and far.


Practice and cultivate presence. Easier said than done, with my moon in Aquarius :)