Startups can end abruptly

Scenarion is no more. It came abruptly, a couple of days before we were to launch our marketing campaign. Something about securing investor funding. It was »

A little exercise goes a long way

I've added a few items to my daily checklist: 20 push-ups (3 times), 20 squats (3 times), 1 minute plank (3 times) and drink water (3 »

My favorite books on Engineering Leadership

A few people have asked, so here it is. I haven't read every book out there, so please tweet at me if I'm missing good ones! »

Phone screen

Michael Lopp's favourite part of the phone screen is taking questions. The interviewee gets to show off their research skills and ask probing, insightful questions, and »


A few months back Martin Folwer put out a transcript of his 2018 keynote at Agile Australia. As usual, there were many snippets that jumped out »