Wow, the last few months have been a wild ride. The switch to a new company has been challenging and exciting and rewarding and maybe some day I'll tell you about it. For now, things aren't looking to slow down.

My posts are likely to take on more of a "personal log" flavour. If you have any specific questions please reach out to me via twitter @codydjango and I'll get back to you!

I'd like to log is the books I've been reading. They aren't ordered in any particular way, but the first three are the most important, if you're looking to ramp up into the nifty business of caring for people on your team.

  • Peopleware
  • Five dysfunctions of a team
  • Behind closed doors
  • Radical candor
  • Inspired: how to create tech products customers love
  • Agile retrospectives
  • Scrum mastery
  • Deep work: rules for focused success in a distracted world
  • The coaching habit

I also read another amazing sci-fi novel as part of my sci-fi reading group, Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler. Precient and terrifying; I loved it.

Next time I'll likely log some of notable milestones on my new team, and what I've been learning from that experience.