It's been a zany year. Not this this is a year-in-review post! But the past four months have just zipped by, and I don't have much showing for it on blog here. So for posterity, here's a shortlist of things that have happened since August.

I suppose top of the list is that I met a very special lady. She's wonderful and I'm happy to report things are going very well! Every week seems better than the last. Hmm, this might also be a contributing factor to why I haven't been writing as consistently ;).

Crypto has exploded. Major gains this year in BTC, ETH, and more recently XRP and IOTA, not to mention the dozens (hundreds?) of alt-currencies constantly seeing pumps and dumps. Coinbase is the #1 app, bloomberg includes crypto in it's ticker, Ethereum is seeing 1MM daily transactions... This is a very exciting space right now and 2018 looks poised for even bigger developments.

At work I'm running through a new project, the architecture of a new application framework and workflow for Powershifter and our clients. It's a universal javascript solution, with server-side renering and es6 modules -- all the bells and whistles. Not exactly my personal preference for productive and maintainable software solutions, and perhaps a little early in the space for a digital agency, but an interesting challenge nonetheless that results in a good experience for clients and end-users.

After years of deliberation, I've finally started my first eurorack project. Very excited. Bought a monorocket case and I'm working on building a custom sequencer capable of scaling, hocketing, ratcheting -- a nice blend of patterns, movement, and randomness. Also purchased a few new cool sound generators to go along with it.

Also started going back to the gym. Training with some of my favourite local coaches, again a good mix of kettlebells, powerlifting, and body-weight exercizes. Not yet back at my all-time-high max lifts, but I'm feeling strong and enjoying it.

That's it for now! I'll try to get a more detailed post on here soon. I have a nice little backlog of ideas just waiting to be fleshed out.