Born in Vancouver, Canada, Cody Redmond studied in Montreal at Concordia University, earning a BA in Political Science and Philosophy before co-founding Invisible Hands, a digital product development studio. Cody currently lives and works in Vancouver.

Since 2008, Cody Redmond has been responsible for the assessment and estimation of client projects, the development of digital products and services and the maintenance of scalable infrastructure. His work history demonstrates agility with modern project management and web development practices: to work within budget and time constraints; to clearly communicate the complexities of software development.

Most recently, in the role of client-side architect at the Montreal startup GuestDriven, Cody designed and developed the application framework, workflow and tools to produce client-branded mobile apps. Cody left his position at GuestDriven to move back to Vancouver for family reasons.

With relevant and significant experience under his belt, Cody is ready to hit the ground running with the right team. Through his experience with Invisible Hands, Archerra Analytics, Execution Labs, and GuestDriven, Cody has realized a unique and contemporary skill set, including techniques for rapid prototyping and assumption validation, modular unit testing, usability a/b testing and feature iteration. He’s keen to bring his professional knowledge and passion to future projects.