A little exercise goes a long way

I've added a few items to my daily checklist: 20 push-ups (3 times), 20 squats (3 times), 1 minute plank (3 times) and drink water (3 »

2015 Summary

2015 Settled in. First full year back in Vancouver. New job, routines, interests. I started hiking and hiked to the top of mountains. I got back »

Fitness update

Yesterday I took part in the "First Rank" challenge at Revamped Fitness in Gastown. It happens every 4 months or so, but was not able to »

A new production VPS

Still waiting to go live on two projects I wrapped earlier this month; this week was dedicated to setting up a new production server and upgrading »


Invisible Hands has been a major focus of mine for the last six months, if not the last six years. But for the first time since »