Vancouver meetup for CS fundamentals and algorithms

I've started a little Vancouver group to facilitate excellence in CS fundamentals. Ask questions and join in on our weekly meetups where we discuss time and »

IP routing (part three)

In this post I dive into routing, which I previously knew almost nothing of. There's quite a lot of history in routing, and in researching this »

TCP for me (part two)

Hi all -- with this post I elaborate on the Transmission Control Protocol, including the the basics of initiating, using and ending a TCP connection. TCP »

IP basics (part one)

This is my first post in a series covering the basics of internet networking. This is a new topic to me, so I'll likely spend the »

Ethereum, Wasm, Rust

It's been a busy couple of months. I started out studying up on Bitcoin Core, worked my way through my first Solidity project, and joined a »