Science fiction

"He, She, and It" blew my mind. It's as cyberpunk as anything else I've read, but also deep in identity, emotion and mythology. Not to mention »

First rank and general health

Yesterday I took part in the "First Rank" challenge at Revamped Fitness in Gastown. It happens every 4 months or so, but was not able to »

Autumn update

Summer was spent working, hiking, and at the gym. I'm in good shape. It's nice to explore the pacific northwest with close friends. We went up »


Finally. Finished. This one took me a little while. Not necessarily a difficult read; definitely enthralling. The sheer volume of the book, with all the characters, »

Fractal Digital

I was asked by friends in Toronto to chime in on a discussion on code maintainability and technical debt. Check it out »