Fractal Digital

I was asked by friends in Toronto to chime in on a discussion on code maintainability and technical debt. Check it out »

Maintainable code

Code maintainability is not often in the shortlist of qualities that businesses going "digital" are going to value. And if the right technical decisions haven't been »


I've been training at Revamped Fitness in Vancouver for the past two months. Great instructors, classes and community. It's a kettlebell gym that incorporates many MMA-style »

To react or not to react

Learning a new programming language every year is advice I first read in the Pragmatic Programmer. If that's the case, in javascript-land this translates to learning »

Phase transition

I'm settling well into my new job at powershifter. I'm also closing up shop at the makerlabs building, which is set to be demolished next month. »