To react or not to react

Learning a new programming language every year is advice I first read in the Pragmatic Programmer. If that's the case, in javascript-land this would probably translates »

A little phase transition

I'm settling well into my new job at powershifter. I'm also closing up shop at the makerlabs building, which is set to be demolished next month. »


Today was the first day of a new adventure. I've joined the team at POWERSHiFTER, a leading agile digital agency in Vancouver. I've accepted a front-end »

Reamde by Neil Stephenson

I was quite disappointed about losing my Kindle, back in November. At least until I realized I had Reamde sitting on a bookshelf. I had purchased »

Animated gifs with Photoshop CS6

My cousin has been making clothes since 2008, when she started hand-painting and dying t-shirts under the name "Rad Attack". She's since expanded her line to »